CI Financial to acquire majority stake in Marret Asset Management

Marret Asset Management Inc. is a credit fixed income manager. The firm invests in high yield and investment grade corporate debt assets for institutional and retail clients.

Marret is registered as a Portfolio Manager, Exempt Market Dealer, and Commodity Trading Manager with the Ontario Securities Commission. The firm was founded in Toronto by Barry Allan and began operations in late 2001. Marret is 100% employee-owned and is committed to maintaining significant employee ownership in order to assemble the most qualified credit team and to achieve the best possible returns for clients.

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Marret High Yield Strategies Fund

A portfolio of high yield bonds that is designed to generate equity-like returns with the risk characteristics of government bonds. The fund pays a tax-advantaged monthly distribution.

A portfolio of highly liquid, investment grade bonds paying a tax-advantaged monthly distribution. Investors benefit from Marret’s institutional access and pricing as well as portfolio transparency.